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Gif of a poly mountain rotating

Cheeason App

A weather app designed to deliver a dynamic, immersive and customizable visual experience to users.

Logo of AIDE project, which is: <AIDE/>


Application that helpd end-user develop for the web in an easier and more exploratory manner.

Gif of a bunch of squares going up and down according to a beat of a song

Beat It

3D programming environment aiming to visualize the beat of a song.

An image of the points of the face that tracks

Face Recognition

An application that allows the user to compare their face similarity with another person of their choice.

Scatterplot showing the visualization of the starcraft data

StarCraft Data

Visualizing a large set of data and represent it in an understandable and interactive way.

Logo of halloumi app which is a cheese inside a wallet

Halloumi App

An application to calculate diverse house bills, tips and currency.

An image of the points of the face that tracks


A first person survival game in a space exploration setting, where there are different tasks according to the characters in the game.


I am a web developer and graphic designer. I have experience in many areas of web development, including front-end (HTML, CSS and Javascript), back-end (PHP, currently learning Ruby), user experience and visual design.

Some of my hobbies include running, hiking, camping, exploring, working with people & watching TV shows.


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